Managing property properly


Submission of monthly statements to tenants for all Tenant charges (example).

Features to be noted are:
  • The statements are comprehensive and extremely versatile, and provide for detailed debits and credits without ever having to resort to the use of annoying "Sundry" designation. If necessary, continuation statements are printed.
  • Each receipt is listed separately and the date of receipt is reflected.
  • A property description is provided to avoid confusion when a statement is posted to an address other than the subject property.
  • Electricity, water and gas meters are read and charges calculated by the Johannesburg Meter Reading Services.
  • The electricity, water and gas reading which gave rise to the charges on the statements are included.
  • Changes in rental and increases in municipal charges are reflected on the statements, and there is also space for a short message.
  • Payments to us can be made by bank debit order, posted, handed in our offices or paid directly to us at any branch of the First National Bank Credit transfer included in the statement (example).